About CREA

CREA is an open and innovative space, a meeting point where people can share knowledge, brainstorm, innovate, show products, consult books and reviews, present projects, etc…
  • Knowledge Meeting Point Knowledge Meeting Point Meeting point for over 2,500 people related to the water cycle
  • Trendwatching resources Trendwatching resources Where to find bibliographic resources and industry monitoring services
  • Innoinspire & Innocreate Innoinspire & Innocreate Space for generating innovative dynamics that promote knowledge transfer
  • Open Open Space open to employees and nerve centre for relations with stakeholders and external organisations
  • Glocal Glocal Local roots with a global outlook
Where is CREA?

Where is CREA?

CREA is in the new offices at Ciutat de l’Aigua, located in Barcelona.

Our aim is to keep building the future of water and the environment, continuously applying new developments, technological innovations and knowledge creation and dissemination.

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